2023 ARCCC Winter Field Day

Communication, Coordination, Cooperation


Similarly as in the 2017 ARCCC, Inc, Winter Field Day video, the majority of the photos and video used in this production were taken by Rusty Welsh at the 2023 ARCCC, Inc. Winter Field Day event held in Evans, GA and was produced by Rusty using the Apple iMovie product on his iPad.  Since the 2017 video received overwhelming response and reviews, Rusty decided to take the time to produce yet another video showcasing the ever evolving amateur radio operators in the multi-tasked operation of Winter Field Day for use as a fun way to get others interested in the amateur radio hobby.  While there are many more photos that are not able to be shown in the short video clip, there is just enough compelling and stimulating media to help the viewer understand the entire mission from start to finish and to display the enjoyment had by all during the event.

The 2023 ARCCC, Inc. Winter Field Day event was a great event and is all thanks to the many folks who took part in the many responsibilities required to execute such a wonderful event for not only local amateur radio operators but the public as well.  Kudos to all involved for such a successful event!


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