2017 ARCCC Winter Field Day

Communication, Coordination, Cooperation

The majority of the photos and video used in this production were taken by Rusty Welsh at the 2017 ARCCC, Inc. Winter Field Day event held in Thomson, GA and produced by Rusty using the Apple iMovie product on his iPad.  The process started out more as a learning opportunity for Rusty of building a movie out of the batch of photos taken during the event and then quickly became more of an opportunity for satire especially with a huge family of amateur radio operators milling around in their natural habitat having a great time.

As the project continued, more and more thought went into the project eventually leading it into a positive promotional feature for future ARCCC, Inc. Winter Field Day events as well as a reminder to everyone of all the work that went into having such a successful and fun event.  Rusty would like to send a very special thank you to everyone involved in this and many other events that were managed through the Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. while he was elected as club President.

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