Rusty Welsh

Rusty Welsh
Evans, Georgia
Broadcast (Mostly Radio)
  • Studio and Transmitter Construction
  • Routine Maintenance and Upgrades
  • On-Call for Off Air Emergencies
  • Training of Broadcast Staff
  • Backup Solutions (Elimination of Single Point of Failures)
Two Way Radio Communications
  • Communications Requirement Development
  • System Planning
  • Frequency Coordination
  • System Installation and Implementation
  • System Programming and Optimization
  • System Maintenance
  • Personnel Training
Computer Proficiency
  • Software Suites (MS Office, Google Workspace, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Coding/Programming [HTML (Intermediate), Python (Basic), SQL (Basic), PHP (Basic), etc.]
  • Network Structure and Security (OSI)
  • Network Architecture
  • Debugging
  • OS (Linux, Mac, MS)
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • AWS Servers
  • LAMP Stack
  • Microsoft Office
  • Networking Technologies
  • Point to Point
  • Encryption/Security
Fiber Optics
  • AFL Certified Fusion Splicer
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
Access Control

Kantech Certified Installer

  • Multiple installations
  • Local hospital (over 350 beds)
  • EMS Service Provider with multiple 9-1-1 contracts and covering 6 counties
Mobile Disc Jockey
  • DJ’s with Music for All Occasions
  • Sound and Lights
  • Beat Mixing
  • Full Entertainment Experience
  • DJ Equipment Design and Build for easy and rapid deployment and breakdown


Born in 1976 I am a Believer in Christ who is a self-motivated, quick and critical/analytical thinker, with belief in sharing non-classified knowledge and training to equip others to help them gain from the lessons I have learned. Although a self-learner with a desire to excel, it is not at the detriment fellow individuals. I encompass a sincere focus on listening and understanding with the intent to provide useful solutions to opportunities and concerns, some of which are unconventional and out of the box. Building long term relationships for overall efficiency and developing unity is paramount.


Pursue a fulfilling career that is equally challenging as well as complimentary to the employer’s needs and fulfilling God’s work while maintaining a healthy balance of work, play and rest.

Solutions Architect and Electronics Engineer
J.I.L. Power and SignalFebruary 2017 – Present
  • Access Control (Door Operators, Strikes, etc.)
  • Fiber Optics Installation, Termination and Electronics
  • Overhead Paging
  • VoIP, POTS, Cellular, Etc.
  • Point-to-Point airFiber Installations, Configuration and Optimization
  • Flashing Crosswalk Signs, Beacons and Activation
  • Two-Way Radio Tone Remote Distribution (HEAR)
  • Wire Managment – Networking/Data, CATV Distribution, etc.
  • Temperature Monitoring Solutions
Deputy Directory, Emergency Management
Columbia County, Georgia – Emergency Management AgencySeptember 2003 – January 2017
Supervisor of Radio Operations
Columbia County, GA Sheriff's OfficeOctober 2000 – September 2003
  • Supervise Communications Officers for a 9-1-1 shift
Broadcast Engineer
Clear ChannelApril 2000 – October 2006
  • Studio Construction
  • Transmitter Construction
  • Broadcast Electronics Maintenance
Communications Officer
Columbia County, GA Sheriff's OfficeMarch 1999 – October 2000
  • Receive and Dispatch Requests, including 9-1-1 calls, for Service to various public safety officials (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, etc.)
Georgia Theatre Company /Evans 12 CinemasSeptember 1997 – July 2003
  • Perform routine maintenance on projection equipment both video and audio as well as other mechanical equipment within the projection booth
Entertainment Agent
Federal Excitement1996 – Present
  • Sound and Light Technician
  • Mobile Disc Jockey and Announcer
  • Beat Mixing
  • Special Productions
Volunteer Firefighter
Martinez Fire DepartmentJune 1994 – April 2000
Solutions Engineer
Advanced Communications1993 – Present
  • Two- Way Radio
  • Broadcast Engineering (Mostly Radio)
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