Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination

Communication, Coordination, Cooperation

Below are a listing of the Amateur Radio Frequency Coordinators by state/area.

Alabama – Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS)
Alaska – Alaska Amateur Radio Repeaters
Arizona – Arizona Repeater Owners Frequency Coordination Committee (AROFCC)
Arkansas – Arkansas Repeater Council
California (Northern) – Northern Amateur Relay Council of California (NARCC)
California (Southern) – Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association (SCRRBA)
California (2 Meter) – Two-Meter Area Spectrum Management Association (TASMA)
California (220 MHz) – 220 MHz Spectrum Management Association of Southern California (220SMA)
Colorado – Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs, Inc. (CCARC)
Connecticut – Connecticut Spectrum Management Association
Delaware – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
District of Columbia – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
Florida – Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association (FASMA)
Georgia – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
Hawaii – Hawaii Amateur Radio Repeater Coordination Site
Idaho (Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington) – Inland Amateur Coordination Council (IACC)
Idaho (Southeast) – Bliss Wheeler W7RUG
Idaho (Southwest) – Larry E. Smith W7ZRQ
Illinois – Illinois Repeater Association (ILRA)
Indiana – Indiana Repeater Council, Inc. (IRC)
Iowa – Iowa Repeater Council, Inc. (IRC)
Kansas – Kansas Amateur Repeater Council (KARC)
Kentucky – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
Louisiana – Louisiana Council of Amateur Radio Clubs (LCARC)
Maine – New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC)
Maryland – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
Massachusetts – New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC)
Michigan (Upper Peninsula) – Upper Peninsula Amateur Radio Relay Association (UPARRA)
Michigan (Lower Peninsula) – Michigan Area Repeater Council, Inc. (MARC)
Minnesota – Minnesota Repeater Council
Mississippi – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
Missouri – Missouri Repeater Council, Inc. (MRC)
Montana – Ken Kopp, K0PP
Nebraska – John Gebuhr WB0CMC
Nevada (Southern) – Southern Nevada Repeater Council (SNRC)
New Hampshire – New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC)
New Jersey (Northern) – The Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc. (MetroCor)
New Jersey (Southern) – Area Repeater Coordination Council, Inc. (ARCC)
New Jersey (Western) – Area Repeater Coordination Council, Inc. (ARCC)
New Mexico – New Mexico Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination Committee (NMFCC)
New York – Upper New York Repeater Council (UNYREPCO)
New York – The Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc. (MetroCor)
North Carolina – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
North Dakota – Joseph Ferrara N7IV
Ohio – Ohio Area Repeater Council, Inc. (OARC)
Oklahoma – Oklahoma Repeater Society, Inc. (ORSI)
Oregon – Oregon Region Relay Council 
Pennsylvania (Eastern) –  Area Repeater Coordination Council, Inc. (ARCC)
Pennsylvania (Western) – Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council (WPRC)
Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico/Virgin Island Volunteer Frequency Coordinators, Inc. / Victor Madera KP4PQ
Rhode Island – New England Spectrum Management Council (NESMC)
South Carolina – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
South Dakota –  South Dakota Amateur Radio Council SDARC Remote Stations
Tennessee – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
Texas – Texas VHF-FM Society
Utah – Utah VHF Society
Vermont – VIRCC / Vermont Independent Repeater Coordinating Committee (VIRCC)
Virgin Islands – Puerto Rico/Virgin Island Volunteer Frequency Coordinators, Inc.
Virginia (Northern) – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
Virginia (Southern) – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
Virginia (Northern) – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
Washington (Eastern) – Inland Amateur Coordination Council (IACC)
Washington (Southwest) – Oregon Region Relay Council 
Washington (Western) – Western Washington Amateur Relay Association (WWARA)
West Virginia (South and West) – Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA)
West Virginia (North and Eastern Panhandle) – Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council (T-MARC)
Wisconsin – Wisconsin Association of Repeaters (WAR)
Wyoming – Wyoming Repeater Coordinator Group

Alberta – Don Moman VE6JY
British Columbia – British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council
Manitoba – Manitoba Amateur Repeater Coordination Council
Maritime Provinces – Ron MacKay VE1AIC
Newfoundland and Labrador – Ken Whalen VO1ST
Ontario (Eastern and Northern) – Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council
Ontario (Southwestern) – Western New York and Southern Ontario Repeater Council
Quebec – Radio Amateur du Québec
Saskatchewan – Stan Ewert VE5SC
Yukon Territory – Yukon Amateur Radio Association (YARA)
All Other Canadian Areas – Ken Oelke VE6AFO

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